Gifted Support Services

Gifted Support Services

Bradley Siu, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Individual and Family Psychotherapy

Healing Experience

Dr. Bradley Siu is a licensed clinical psychologist of 20 years and has brought compassionate healing to individuals and families of nearly all generations and backgrounds. With his wide range of experience as a clinical supervisor, training director, and consultant, he has worked and supported countless complex needs.

With formal training in Nutrition, Trauma, EMDR, Executive Coaching, DBT, Neurofeedback, and Biofeedback, Dr. Siu’s integrated and holistic approach allow him to capture the dynamic complexities of how our intergenerational biology intersect with experiences that influence our development and behavior.


Warm Understanding

Warm and welcoming, Dr. Siu empathizes with the challenges of those who face neurodiversity. Including individuals with ASD, ADHD, and Giftedness, he whimsically expands the spectrum of neurodiversity to encompass founders, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs who are uncommon among the uncommon yet also face anxiety, depression, relational issues, leadership challenges, or traumatic histories.

Dr. Siu’s work sensitively acknowledges the potential impact of systemic and embedded barriers that could be the result of social, cultural, family, and institutional structures.

Intentional Change

Dr. Siu creates natural, collaborative, and cohesive conversations that connect patterns, emotions, and insights. Additionally, the therapy is made complete by his passion for the neuroscience of evidence-based behavior change. Known to be a Parent and Leader Whisperer, his coaching for change merges classic therapy approaches with intentionality and directionality.