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Welcome! Please Meet Your Attentional Health...

It’s hard to pay attention these days. We are more distracted now than ever before. Are you finding that keeping your focus used to be easier a few years ago? Maybe it even felt effortless?

Modern living has brought a number of changes to the way we live. Our lifestyle has shifted as a result of new comforts, services, and technologies that have emerged. What has also emerged are shifts in our nervous system with updated stressors, anxieties, and problems. With these changes, we are experiencing a direct impact on our attentional capacity, and everyone is feeling it as Internet searches on ADHD and Mental Health have increased astronomically.

In this blog, I translate the science and mechanics of attention, observe the disappearance of our focus, ponder the attention economy, as well as suggest reboots and upgrades to our attentional health. Please watch for more to come!